• Johanan John Great posted an update 2 weeks ago

    The only thing that would create a real change in direction in your life in 2018 is a change in your actions, or a change in your mindset.

    If you still have the mindset and actions of 2017, chances are, you would still produce the results of 2017, again.

    Take this period out to consider…

    What new actions have you decided to commit to and start executing? In what new ways can you start changing your mindset, or what new things have you committed to start doing in 2018, that would cause better results in your life?

    More time with your maker? More of His Word? More confessions and prayers? More concrete actions in the direction of your dreams daily? Doing and finishing that new course, completing that new degree you have been postponing, reading more books to change your mindset and help you improve in your goals?

    And do you have written goals?

    No matter what you decide, know that only changed actions and thoughts (a changed mindset) would produce REAL changes this year.

    Don’t just hope, don’t just dream.

    Do something about it.


    Happy New Year everyone. May it be a blessed one for you.


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